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Content Warnings

Warnings may be updated over time.
Please note that some of these warnings contain spoilers.

Slap/Bang Duet

Start With A Slap (Book I of SLAP/BANG): dubious consent; sexual violence; implied non-consensual BDSM; "Daddy"/daughter roleplay; implied degradation of sex workers; non-consensual touching; sexual harassment; stalking; "love-bombing"; significant age difference between lovers; mention of attempted rape; death of a parent; generational trauma; spousal infidelity. Spoiler content: recollection of a past murder; disturbing recollections of rape, incest, and childhood SA (see content warnings in book for page numbers).


End With A Bang (Book II of SLAP/BANG): generational trauma; "Daddy"/daughter and mother/son roleplay; dubious consent (sex & BDSM); drug use/abuse (by others); violence; murder; guns; mental health issues; death of a parent; implied degradation of sex workers; significant age difference between lovers; spousal infidelity. Briefly: recollections of incest, torture and childhood SA.

Please proceed with care.


Regarding BDSM: While sexual bondage and domination is explored in this story, what is depicted in this story is not true BDSM. In this story, there is no established sub/dom relationship. Mutual consent and safewords are not always given or honored. And though it is implied here that a character's proclivities may be attributed to childhood abuse, BDSM as a lifestyle is not an indication of such; neither is it is a psychological defect that should be treated or overcome.

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