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What if you met your match your hot billionaire father-in-law?

"Take off your clothes."

Ivy blinked. Opened her mouth, shut it. Tried to piece together what else he could have said in that urbane English accent besides take off your clothes. "What?"

"Take off. Your clothes."


"E-excuse me?" Ivy had never stuttered before. This seemed like a good time to start.


She heard an exasperated sigh. "Did he not tell you how this works? Take off your clothes, crawl to the whip, put it in your mouth and bring it to me on your knees." He spun his chair around. "Do I need to draw you a picture?"


Their gazes met, and time stopped for a moment. In person, Sever Mark was alarmingly handsome, with ice-blue eyes and arched brows and the kind of angular bone structure that set off a biological urge in her to have unprotected sex... with her husband's father oh god stop looking at him.

Book covers of Start With a Slap by Sirena Wise out now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


Start With A Slap now
End With A Bang  soon

It starts with a slap.

Newlywed Ivy Tyler is on a mission to bridge the rift between her husband and his father, notorious billionaire Sever Mark.


But when she visits him unannounced, he confuses her for a scheduled playmate—and before she can say, "Stop, I'm your daughter-in-law," major boundaries are crossed.


What happens next sets her down a dangerous path: He's awakened, and she has a secret to keep.​


Now, he wants her for himself, and he won't be satisfied until she's willingly in his bed. Ivy is far from willing: she loves her husband, she's not a cheater, and she hates everything Sever stands for. 


There's just one problem: their chemistry is volcanic.


To him, it's only a matter of time. To her, it's a doomsday clock.


Can she stop the clock before it goes too far?


The countdown is on.

Alex Nicole, Goodreads

This is an absolutely stellar debut novel and I’m now waiting with bated breath for the next book! Also Daddy Sever is like a 5 Michelin star chef’s kiss. 😮‍💨.

Give in, tigresse.

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Daddy-play (ddlg)


Semi-public sex

We don't have enough time

He's not the only top

*father-in-law I’d love to f*ck, obviously

Image by MontyLov

Passionate Affair

Age gap

Morally gray MMC (+ FMC)

Billionaire MMC

Alpha MMC

Cinnamon Roll MMC

Feisty FMC

He falls first

Dark secrets


Forbidden desires

Undercover lovers

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Complex characters

Cocky British anti-hero

Sophisticated heroine

Matching wits

Saucy banter

Power plays

He won’t give up

She won’t give in

Los Angeles & Paris

Family secrets revealed

Twists & turns

Suspenseful climax

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