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A dark, sexy duet that explores forbidden lust and family secrets

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Slap Wallpaper
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Bang Wallpaper

"Take off your clothes."

Ivy blinked. Opened her mouth, shut it. Tried to piece together what else he could have said in that urbane English accent besides take off your clothes. "What?"

"Take off. Your clothes."

"E-excuse me?" Ivy had never stuttered before. This seemed like a good time to start.

She heard an exasperated sigh. "Did he not tell you how this works? Take off your clothes, crawl to the whip, put it in your mouth and bring it to me on your knees." He spun his chair around. "Do I need to draw you a picture?"

Their gazes met, and time stopped for a moment. In person, Sever Mark was alarmingly handsome, with ice-blue eyes and arched brows and the kind of angular bone structure that set off a biological urge in her to have unprotected sex... with her husband's father oh god stop looking at him.


Start With A Slap release date: February 4, 2024

End With A Bang release date: April 4, 2024

"Aren't you picturing us right now,

all soaked and throbbing and depraved?"

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